"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."
~ Babe Ruth


Schedules & Forms         

Tentative Practice Schedules

Outdoor practice (if not playing a game):
Monday: 3:40 PM
Tuesday: 3:40 PM
Wednesday 3:40 PM
Thursday 3:40 PM
Friday 3:40 PM

Indoor practice (if inside due to bad weather):
Monday: 6-8 PM
Tuesday: 6-8 PM
Wednesday 4-6 PM
Thursday 6-8 PM
Friday 4:30-6:30 PM

2019 Bus Schedule

4/2/19—John Muir Park; 2:50-7:15; Varsity & JV1

4/5/19—Luxemburg Casco HS; 2:55-7:00; JV2

4/6/19—Sunset Park, Kimberly; 8:50-3:00; Varsity & JV1

4/15/19—Sheboygan North HS; 1:20-9:00; Varsity & JV1

4/20/19—Franklin HS; 8:30-8:00; VARSITY GAMES ONLY

4/23/19—Sheboygan South HS; 1:30-8:00; Varsity & JV2

4/24/19—Manitowoc Citizens Park; 2:15-7:30; Varsity & JV1

5/8/19—Bay Port HS; 2:45-7:30; Varsity & JV1

5/20/19—Oshkosh West (Red Arrow Park); 2:15-8; JV1 

2019 Game Schedules

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